Frequently asked questions

What’s Unspent?

Unspent is a suite of portfolio tools to help invest in the cryptocurrency industry, focused on empowering investors through simple yet powerful tools and information to analyze one’s portfolio, the surrounding markets, and open finance activity in general.

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Why “Unspent” as a name?

The name Unspent is meant to evoke money that was saved and invested rather than spent.
It’s also a technical reference: some blockchains like Bitcoin use what’s called the UTXO model, which is short for “unspent transaction output”, so this name is a nod to it ;)

Data import

Is it secure to connect exchanges?

Yes, Unspent will never be able to access your funds.

When connecting an exchange, you’ll be creating an API key. An API key allows Unspent to retrieve some information from your account, and you’ll be the one choosing what information you want to make available when you create that API key.

In the form to connect an exchange, we provide steps that you can follow to give us access to exactly the information we need, like trades and balances, and nothing more. This allows Unspent to keep your portfolio automatically up to date all the time, without any work required from you. This does not allow Unspent to do anything more than that.

Is it secure to add wallet addresses?

Yes, Unspent will never be able to access your funds.

Addresses are public, they allow Unspent to see what cryptocurrencies you own, but not to access them. This way, Unspent can automatically keep your portfolio up to date when your wallet balances change.

Is it secure to add a Bitcoin extended public key?

When connecting a Bitcoin wallet, you can add a specific Bitcoin address, or add the wallet’s extended public key (Unspent supports xpub, ypub and zpub formats).

Whatever you choose to add, Unspent will never be able to access your funds.

An extended public key allows Unspent to be aware of all the different Bitcoin addresses that are your own, and save you time by keeping your Unspent portfolio synchronized with all of them: no matter how many addresses you’re using, if you add your extended public key on Unspent, your Unspent portfolio will always be up to date.

Is my data secure on Unspent?

We use industry best practices to store your data and keep it secure and private.

Your data is imported from exchanges via read-only APIs, and from wallets via public addresses. It’s encrypted at rest using AES-256, and is communicated to your browser securely using TLS.

We’re always thinking about ways to improve security while keeping Unspent’s ease of use. If you have suggestions, please let us know, they’re very much welcome!

I’d rather not connect my exchange accounts or wallet addresses

Despite the attention we pay to security, if connecting your exchange accounts or wallet addresses isn’t something you want to do, we sympathize. You can still use Unspent by manually adding balances and trades you care about, without linking your actual exchange accounts and wallet addresses. You’ll need to keep them up to date manually as well. To do so, head to “Exchanges & wallets”.

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